when u think ab0ut me just passing by and u will kn0w that im happy n0w~

23 November 2010


so LOL~!!
doing my assigment...
english presentation with my chingu
we so excited...
so miss "E"
wait for our comeback tomorrow~!!
yaih~!!aigo kyopta~!!

20 November 2010

pretty or ugly???

i hate when people call me pretty~!!
because i have huge ugly side of me..
i hate the way im talking,
i hate the way im singing,
i hate the way im joking,
i hate the way im eating,
i hate the way im laughing,
i hate all the way i am~!!
im an ugly thing happend in earth..
sorry alot earth..~_~

19 November 2010


can you feel my heartbeat

the heart that you stepped all over and left

is still beating.

and it's beating for you

no matter how hard i try to forget

no matter how many new people i meet

why do i keep thinking of only you when i turn around

i don't want to do this anymore.

i want to stop.

no matter how many times i try and try to stop myself

it's no use. my heart is broken. why

why do i keep doing such foolish things

i know in my head,

but why is my heart rebelling

i'm holding on to you and can't let go.

it still feels like you're next to me.

i can't believe in farewell

no matter who i meet,

i can't open up one part of my heart

and i keep your place empty

there's no reason for you come back,

but why do i keep thinking that you might come back

why isn't my heart listening

listen to my heartbeat.

it's beating for you

listen to my heartbeat.

it's waiting for you

don't i know that it's over.

i don't understand why i'm like this

listen to my heartbeat.

it's beating for you

listen to my heartbeat.

it's waiting for you

it still hurts thinking of you.

i think of you every time my heart beats

i have to forget.

i have to forget in order to live

i have to erase it. if i don't, i'll die

stop trying to get her back. she ain't coming

she's gone, gotta be moving on

she left. she won't come back.

she doesn't think of you.

she doesn't know that i'm waiting for her,

she's doing well

she already forgot about me,

totally erased me.

why can't i do that

listen to my heartbeat.

it's beating for you

listen to my heartbeat.

it's waiting for you

my heart is beating faster and faster


c0unting day...
es0k aq akan jpe:
(sapekah yg nsb baek tu?)
min,fafa,nurul,libby,aten,alin,ac,d0ra,dyan laura
k0wunx jgn bernawaitu nak skip yew??
da nak final ny wei~!!
jgn wat hal...
see ya t0m0low~^^

because im a girl~

i hate u~!!
in 0ther w0rd..i love u..
rem0ve u fr0m fb...
deleted y0ur msg..
tr0wh all the mem0ries ab0ut u...
is that a g0od way t0 makesure that i will n0t remember u again???
we see..

blog here and there..

huish sgt sr0nok bile tgk kwn2 berbl0g...
rase tringin nak try...tp aq ade satu habit...
nak kate bur0k xlar sgt...nak kater baik j0h sx r~!!haha
aq de pr0b ngan idea...
sebel0m aq bkk bl0g mmg idea mcurah2 mlimpah2...
ble aq stat jew tekan keyb0ard...
tr0z idea aq ilanx nta g mane2...
wei idea dtg blk r w0i~!!
susa r cmny~~~